Protect What's Yours & Stop Porch Pirates!

leave your worries at the door

Outsmart package thieves

Do not be victims to crooks

Don't miss another day of work waiting for your packages

There are solutions and more are emerging on the market

We'll keep you up to date on all of them

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Ways To Protect What's Yours

Package Delivery Box

Hide deliveries with package delivery boxes.  They are very popular in preventing stolen packages.  They are available in several different styles to blend in with your home decor.  The incognito option.

Smart Padlock

Secure packages with a smart lock.  These devices in conjunction with a package delivery box provides optimal security.  Lock codes are provided to the courier via an app or to the address line for access.

Video Doorbell

No more knock knock jokes with video doorbells.  Monitor in real-time who approaches your front door and record it.  Find out who is at your home and what they want even if you're not home.  

Outdoor Camera

Know who is on your property with motion and sound detection cameras.  You can conveniently view live feeds from anywhere at any angle.  Outdoor cameras are also easy to install and use.

With the rise of online shopping there has also been an increase in package thieves.

Package thieves also known as porch pirates or porch bandits are taking the joy and ease out of package deliveries.

As more people are turning to online shopping, please take the necessary precautions to deter or stop porch theft.  

Don't be the next victim or repeat victim.  

will More Packages equal More Problems

Did you know online sales for 2020 are expected to reach over $520 Billion?

More than 50% of homeowners are worried that packages will be stolen from their porch or doorstep.

Over 75% of packages are stolen while you are not home.

Since most packages cannot fit inside of a standard mailbox, over 1 Billion packages are not delivered on the first try.

It Happened to us

A couple of years ago, we had a gaming computer we purchased for our 14 year old son stolen from our front porch four days before Christmas.

We were devastated and frustrated as we quickly scrambled to get a replacement by Christmas morning.

We Had To Do Something

Porch Pirate

We refused to become victims again to package thieves and quick began searching for options and solutions to this problem.  

It motivated us to find a product we could use to help deter the package thieves.

The first product we purchased was a porch delivery box.

We would leave instructions either on our door or close to the box for the couriers to put our deliveries in our porch box.

This Solution Worked Fine For Awhile

It gave us peace of mind knowing our packages were not on display for the taking.

However, with the rampant rise in the package theft, we decided we needed to upgrade our porch box to a more secure option.

So we went to Google, typed in our search "best lock box for packages" but was disappointed at what little was available to deter or stop package thieves.

Even more, it was frustrating and confusing not being able to find products all in one place for a problem that keeps getting worse each year.

Therefore, we went on a mission to compile a list of products that would help to deter or prevent stolen packages.

We placed them all in one place here for your convenience.

If you come across any products we may have missed and feel it should be added to our shop, please contact us so we can add it to the takes a village to fight crime!