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Porch Pirates Beware! Bait Packages

Porch Pirates Bait Packages

Have you ever heard of a porch thief or porch pirate?

Before we continue, this a person who comes up to a home and steals the box off the porch or stoop and then runs off with it.

Some of these despicable thieves even open up the package before they make off with it to see if it is an item they really want. 

Argh! Nothing is more infuriating than seeing one of those porch thieves taking away somebody’s hard-earned money.

That’s just what happened on this CBS News This Morning Segment, where police officers used a homeowner’s porch and recycled Amazon boxes to find out where the porch pirates were coming from.

A homeowner named Terry decided to work with his local police department to deliver justice.

Programs like this to trap porch pirates have been successful in cities across the country.

Police officers put together bait packages using items that are cool and in high demand-the video shows the officers putting in boxes that used to hold MacBooks, GoPros, and more.  

The kicker?

These products are not actually in the boxes of course, but the item that is in there is a GPS tracking device that shows them exactly where the product-and criminal-is heading.

These police operations are legal, but the value of item inside could lead to a felony conviction, says CBS.

It’s simply not worth it! It just goes to show you that crime does not pay-whether it’s a $5 item or a $500 item, if it’s not yours, just don’t take it!

Homeowners should take care to make sure they’re secure.

You can install security cameras, for example. 

Be safe, and have your packages dropped off while you are home, or with a trusted neighbor.

You can even have them delivered to work, if your company allows. 

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