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Best Parcel Boxes to Buy in 2019

Get a parcel box for packages

Protect your Online Purchases with the Best Parcel Boxes to Buy to in 2019

The number of individuals choosing to do their shopping online has grown massively. Why not? You can buy pretty much anything and have your order delivered to your front door. It is very convenient because you don’t have to worry about parking, dealing with crowds, or lining up at the cashier.

One downside to online shopping though is, while it is guaranteed to be safe while in transit, the minute the package gets dropped off at your doorstep, it becomes easy picking for thieves. In 2017, eleven million cases of package theft have been reported in the US.

That is why security companies are trying to come up with effective solutions to deter thieves from picking up packages that are not theirs. One of the solutions put forward is what we now know as parcel boxes.

So, if you are sick of getting your items stolen but cannot afford to stay at home to wait for your package to be delivered, then it is advisable to buy a parcel box. Here are of the best parcel boxes to buy in 2019.

Lockable Wooden Porch Box

Lockable Wooden Parcel Box

Produced by Porch Box LLC, this anti-theft box started out as a container for outdoor things that the manufacturer’s family usually misplaced. After a few years, it evolved into a safe place for their friends to put borrowed items when there’s nobody home. Thus, the porch box was born.

The Lockable wooden porch box comes fully assembled. This is perfect for people who have a hard time putting furniture together. You can choose the finish for the box so it would match your front porch. You can have it made unpainted, coated with primer only, painted white, or painted Cinnamon Brown. If you want something different, you can opt for the primer coated one and simply paint the box on your own.

This package box for the porch can hold parcels that would fit its dimensions. It is very spacious with dimensions of 26.75"x9.5"x11". There is a center post to reinforce the box. Factoring that in, you can also fit two packages with a maximum measurement of 11"x11.75"x11". The measurement was chosen by the manufacturer to fit most porches.

It is made from solid wood. Coupled with the use of engineered material for its siding, this makes the box very durable. It also makes it very resistant to the elements. It can stand being outside during hurricane force wind or rain. It is treated to repel water, rot, and insects. It is basically weather and pest proof, so you don’t find your package eaten by pests or ruined by water when you come home.

How does this parcel lock box protect your packages? The lid and the body are connected by a hasp. If you lift the lid, you will find a loop on its center where you can attach a lock. You can use this lock to secure the hasp once you have placed the packages inside the box. This is the only vulnerability of the box. Because the user is the one who should provide a lock, if he or she decides to cheap out and get a weak lock, a thief can simply break that lock and get to the packages inside the box.

This particular size costs $173. While that may seem a little pricey, consider how much you are going to save if your parcels no longer get stolen. It also comes in a bigger size known as Parcel Box. That package box for the front porch has the dimensions of 27 x 13.5 x 25.5 in. If you normally get larger parcels, this might be a better option for you.

Package Vault Delivery Storage Box

Package Vault Delivery Storage Box

Manufactured by Package Vault, this parcel drop box is a huge step up over any old wooden box to store your delivered parcels. It not only stores your packages for safekeeping, but it also sends an alert to inform you that your parcel is already inside.

When you buy the Package Vault kit, you will receive the delivery box, a Wi-Fi sensor, a combo lock, signs saying, "Deliver here" and "Door Bell", and a sandbag. The sandbag is used to hold the delivery box down against strong winds and potential package thieves.

Can you imagine having to lift up 24.25 pounds (for the box alone) and the weight of all the packages, plus the weight of the sandbag? The thief will more than likely just give up. Still not reassured? You can also bolt the vault onto the floor.

The package delivery box for home gets delivered unassembled. But the manufacturers guarantee easy setup. They claim that anybody could put it together in fifteen minutes. It comes in a beautiful wicker design. You can choose to buy it in either black or brown color. It should fit perfectly into any porch theme.

The box is spacious with an easy-open lid. It has a capacity of 120 gallons. That’s plenty of space for all your packages. It is made with a high-quality resin material that is practically weather-proof. It is guaranteed to keep your orders clean and protected from rain, snow, and sleet. 

How does it work? When you place an order online, make sure that you indicate Package Vault either as part of the delivery instruction or as a 2nd delivery address. This will let the company know that the parcels for you must be placed inside the Package Vault. When the delivery person gets to your doorstep, he or she simply places the orders inside the vault, close the lid, and secure the box with the combination code lock that comes with the kit. 

The Package Vault is equipped with a Wi-Fi sensor that tells if the box is in “Open” or “Close” status. Once the delivery person places your packages in the vault, you will receive a notification via the Smart Life App. You can then opt to go home and pick up your package or just leave them there until a more convenient time for you.

This particular parcel box model costs $169.00. That’s very reasonable for a storage box that will keep your orders safe until you are able to get them.

Step2 Deluxe Package Delivery Box

Step2 Deluxe Delivery Box Black

If you are looking for a storage box that will not only protect your parcels but will look great on your porch, the Step2 Deluxe Package Delivery Box is a good option. Step2 is mainly a manufacturer of home and garden furniture. They started producing weatherproof mailboxes over a decade ago. Since delivery boxes are basically just bigger mailboxes, it is natural that they expanded their product line to produce these.

This package lock box for packages reduces the chance of getting your package stolen because it keeps the items out of sight. It is also a good decoration for your front porch. It is a good combination of beauty and function. The sophisticated design is meant to blend beautifully and fit any architectural style.

Step2’s delivery box comes almost assembled. It needs minimal assembly. It comes in elegant black, rich mocha, Estate white, and grey. It is made of sturdy resin to protect your packages from the elements. It is also designed to be resistant to road salt and vandals. This means the material can easily be cleaned.

It has a very spacious interior. It measures 25”H X 15” W X 11” L. That would be sufficient to carry a few parcels at a time. The box’s hinged lid makes it very easy to open the box and pull out your orders.

The delivery box’s latch is compatible with most locks. It doesn’t come with a lock though. Step2 recommends getting a BoxLock to go with the Deluxe Package Delivery Box as it is the first padlock that utilizes smart technology.

Just like the Package Vault’s delivery storage box, you have to let the delivery person know that he or she needs to place your orders inside the Step2 delivery box. You can do that by designating the box as your preferred location of delivery. If you create a profile with any of the major carriers (USPS< UPS, or FedEx), you will be notified if the package has already been delivered.

Each Step2 Deluxe Package Delivery Box costs $99.99. That is pretty reasonable for the beautiful box that you can use to keep your packages safe and secure. Most of the negative feedback this box received isn't related to the box. There are some posts commenting that the delivery personnel choose to leave the packages on top of the box rather than inside. A lot couldn't be bothered to lock the box either.

iDoorbox Package Guard

iDoorbox Package Guard

Almost all delivery boxes work the same. They are designed to be sturdy and heavy enough to withstand being carried or broken into. They are secured by some form of a lock to keep the packages in and the thief out. The problem with this design is it can still be stolen if the thief has a moving system to lift your entire delivery box.

The person can also bring a bolt cutter to destroy your lock or the hasp that it secures. The iDoorbox is the first of its kind to have an alarm that will let everybody know if somebody tries to steal your items. iDoorbox holds a patent for this parcel delivery system. It is a durable and portable box, much like a safe that has wheels.

It comes fully assembled. All you have to do is place it outside and attach the smart cable on your doorknob. That should be a breeze since it is designed to attach and detach in 5 seconds. The patented locker that comes with the system works with any type of doorknobs or any permanent attachment found near your home or building.

The locker is attached to a smart cable which is in turn attached to the package guard. This cable not only secures the box to the fixture, but it also triggers a 120 Decibel alarm should anybody try to tamper with or cut it. The sound is enough to spoil any thief's attempt to steal your package guard.

If you don’t have a package scheduled to arrive within the day, you can wheel the package guard into your house easily.

While it is primarily designed to repel thieves, the package guard is also designed to protect your orders from snow, sun, rain, and dust. You can leave it inside for days and those items will still be in pristine condition. Or at least the condition in which the delivery personnel left it.

This package box for porch has a large capacity. It can accommodate multiple packages that would fit a 24” x 18” x 12” dimension for the medium box. The large model is 3 inches deeper.  It is pretty heavy too. 20 pounds plus the weight of your packages might be enough to deter anybody who would try to carry your box away.

It does not have a separate lock to secure the door. It has an integrated combination lock. iDoorbox opted for this type of lock so you can receive multiple deliveries in a day. For other boxes, once the box has been locked by the first delivery personnel, no other person can get into the box unless they have a key.

For the Package Guard, as long as you input your code into the delivery address information which you provide for your carrier, the person delivering your package would know the right numbers to punch into the lock. This allows multiple personnel to open and lock the delivery box within the day.

Each iDoorbox Package Guard costs $129.00 for the medium sized model and $159.00 for the large box.

Architectural Mailboxes 6900B Elephantrunk Parcel Drop Box

Elephantrunk White

The last parcel box we will be looking at is the Elephantrunk Parcel Drop Box by Architectural Mailbox. Just like Step2, this firm started out making mailboxes. And just like the Step2’s box, this is one aesthetically-pleasing parcel box. Its design is reminiscent of an old mailbox.

You can say that this is a package mailbox.  It comes in white, rubbed bronze, black, or red. It has adjustable feet so you can raise or lower the box to the height that you want. It also allows you to keep the box level even if you place it on uneven ground.

The receptacle at the front is designed to receive several parcels as long as it fits the opening. The maximum size for a package to be is 11.5 x 7.3 x 9.3 inches. The large-sized rotating drum allows the box or any other packaging to drop down its shoot to a foam-protected landing area. This way, even if your package contains something delicate or breakable, it will not get broken once it lands inside. 

It also has a partition for outgoing packages that need to be picked up. If you are heading out for a long time like if you are going on a vacation, you can indicate this with the “No Deliveries” sign and set the package drop box’s stopper so the delivery person cannot leave your orders inside the box.

The Elephantrunk Parcel Drop Box is made of heavy-gauge steel and cast aluminum. The material makes it tamper-proof and resistant to the elements. This box should be able to withstand exposure to snow, rain, or sleet. The door that you open to retrieve your delivered packages is pry-resistant and has a 3-point lock system. It would require two keys in order to open this box. The Parcel Drop Box is made to easily be bolted onto the ground so any thief wouldn’t be able to pry this loose even if he brings a trolley so he can carry it off. The system comes with the hardware necessary to bolt it to wood decking or hard ground.

As for price, it is the most expensive parcel box that we have in this review. It costs between $211.58 (rubbed bronze) up to $240.97 (red) depending on the color that you choose. Although it is the priciest, it also comes with the greatest number of features.


Parcel thieves abound. They could be your neighbor, or it could be somebody going around deliberately hunting for packages parked on one’s doorway. The best thing to avoid being victimized by these miscreants is to have a storage box where your packages can be hidden. With these parcel boxes, you can receive and secure your deliveries without having to stay at home all day or rush home to grab your items before the thieves do.

All you have to do is choose what features you will need for that parcel box. Do you want a simple one that simply locks? Or, do you need a more sophisticated box that would sense if a package is placed inside? Once you have your features down, you can begin choosing the right parcel box for your home.