BoxLock Review: A New Way To Secure Your Packages

E-commerce has become a crucial part of the United States, now representing an estimated 10% of all retail sales that are made in the country.

E-commerce is also growing by a rapid 15% every single year. In the year 2017 alone, over $2.3 trillion were made in sales on an e-commerce platform, and the number is expected to hit approximately $4.5 trillion by the year 2021.

More-and-more people turn to the internet every year to buy their necessities, along with many other products, on the internet.

In fact, e-commerce solutions have made it so convenient that you can now sit at home and order all of your groceries online – everything is delivered to you in appropriate packages, and there is no need to leave the house to collect the package.

While it is surely convenient to have the ability to order anything on the internet these days, there is one particular problem that the advancement in e-commerce solutions pose – and that is porch pirates.

In this box lock review post, we’ll take a look at how a simple and affordable smart lock can help to protect deliveries against porch pirates and give you peace of mind when a package is delivered while you are not home.

The Issue With Porch Pirates

Porch pirates have become a serious issue in the United States, with over 33% of the population being affected by package theft in the past.

Furthermore, it has also been found that at least half of the American population at least knows someone who had a package stolen from their porch in the past.

In 2017 alone, approximately 25.9 million packages were stolen in the United States during holiday seasons.

The surprising thing about porch pirates is that the majority of these thefts occur in daylight and not at night, raising concern as many people are at work during the day when their packages are delivered to their house.

With this in mind, the moment a package is delivered to their doorstep, the package immediately becomes at risk of being a victim to porch pirates.

People are actively seeking ways that they can reduce the risk of their packages being stolen by porch pirates.

Unfortunately, this often leads to a lot of extra efforts, such as having to get the neighbors to be on the lookout for the delivery guy constantly.

Not all of the methods that people opt for in order to secure their packages work – even though some people do implement certain steps, there is still a rising incidence of porch pirates stealing packages from the porches of people all over the United States.

How BoxLock Can Resolve Your Issues With Porch Pirates

BoxLock is a scan lock system that was designed with the idea to help people reduce the risk of having their packages stolen.

The system works with the latest technology in order to secure packages during delivery and to keep them safe until you get home – only the people who are responsible for delivering the package will be able to open up the lock to insert a package.

The owner of the smart padlock is the only other person who has access to the lock, which can be unlocked using an accompanying application that needs to be installed on the user’s smartphone during the activation process of the BoxLock product.

How Does BoxLock Work?

The company behind the BoxLock product has made this smart padlock device in such a way that it is exceptionally simple to use, yet provide adequate protection against theft at the same time.

To use the product, it is important to have all of the required items and to install the accompanying application on your smartphone.

The application is compatible with both Android smartphones and Apple iOS devices, so chances are, your phone will be supported.

To activate the padlock, it needs to be connected to a home Wi-Fi system and then synced with your account, which you can set up on your smartphone. Once activated, the product will immediately start working.

When you order a package online and get the company to send it directly to your house, the delivery person will scan the shipping label that accompanies the package that was shipped to you in front of the appropriate location on the BoxLock padlock.

Once a shipping label is scanned in front of the BoxLock scanner, a search will be conducted.

There is a two-step verification system that is used with the device in order to verify that the individual trying to open the box has appropriate access and authorization.

If any issues come up during this two-step verification process, then the device will remain locked, and the person trying to access the delivery box will not be able to open it.

First, a search is conducted to confirm whether the shipping label is valid and whether it was dispatched by the courier company for delivery on a specific day that the label is scanned.

Secondly, the search will also check to make sure that the shipping label is indeed for you, the owner of the lock.

The name and your shipping address that you have entered in the application on your account will be compared to the details obtained from the shipping company’s website.

This provides the security that you need to ensure that your packages can be protected.

If anything goes wrong during the two-step verification process and the delivery person is unable to access the box for any reason, then you will be notified.

You can then check with the delivery guy that they are, in fact, at your property with your package.

Only you will be able to allow them access to your box if the two-step verification process fails.

You can simply press a button on your mobile device, which will cause the device to unlock so that the delivery person can place your package into the box.

After a package has been delivered and added to your box, you will immediately receive a notification on your smartphone stating that your packages were delivered.

Once you get home, whether it is after a few days of vacation or perhaps at night after work, you simply walk up to the box, click a button on your smartphone, and the device will unlock so that you can remove any packages that were delivered to you during the day.

BoxLock Smart Padlock
Tap to Unlock BoxLock

What Is Needed To Get Started With BoxLock?

With the BoxLock, you simply need a few items to get started and to effectively secure any packages that are delivered to you while you are not at home.

In order to get started, you will, of course, first need to buy the BoxLock Home product.

This gives you the actual lock that you will rely on in order to add that extra level of security to any packages and to keep the hands of porch pirates off your deliveries.

In addition to the actual BoxLock product, you will also need a couple of other things in order to use this smart padlock system effectively.

These additional items that you will need include:

  • You will need to download the companion app on your Android or iOS smartphone.  After downloading the app on your smartphone, you will need to set up your account and fill in all of the information needed in order to sync the app with your BoxLock and to ensure it is working effectively.
  • You will also need a Wi-Fi internet connection at home. Take into account that this device is equipped with technology that can search internet databases in order to ensure a shipping label that was scanned belonged to you and was meant to be delivered on the day that the shipping label is scanned. The BoxLock will need to be connected to the Wi-Fi internet connection at all times to operate and to provide you with access to your delivery box.
  • The last item that you will need is a storage box that has a hasp lock system. This is important since the product was designed to lock the hasp. You can generally use any type of storage box – consider the style you prefer and also take your budget into account. Even though any storage box will do, there are a couple of options that are known to work more effectively with the BoxLock system.

Once you have all of these necessities, you can simply attach the lock to the storage box, and you are ready to go.

Whenever a package is delivered to your home, the delivery person can easily scan the shipping label on the BoxLock and then place the package into the storage box.

When you get home, you can then open up the lock, remove your packages, and place the lock back into position again.

What Boxes Are Compatible With BoxLock?

BoxLock is considered an appropriate solution for securing any type of storage unit that has a hasp locking system.

While this may be true, the company does recommend a few specific options that people should generally try to opt for.

There are many of these “officially supported” storage units that you can choose from – if you take a look at these options, you will find that the variety is so great that the needs of everyone can be met.

Below, we will take a look at the delivery boxes that are compatible with the BoxLock smart padlock system:

  • Step2 Deluxe Package Delivery Box: A durable storage box that is made with a resin construction in order to avoid packages getting wet and to provide a more sturdy overall design. The box was also made to be attractive and to fit in with different types of existing exterior decors easily. These boxes cost around $50 on average, depending on the specific option purchases. The Step2 Deluxe Package Delivery Box is available in four great colors, including Estate White, Rich Mocha, Manor Gray, and Elegant Black.
  • TuffBoxx ParcelBoxx: Another great option that comes in two different sizes, allowing you to choose a size that is appropriate to the number of packages that you receive on a single day, as well as the size of the packages you order. If you do not order a lot of items online at the same time and you are expecting only smaller packages, then opt for the small TuffBoxx ParcelBoxx. On the other hand, if you do order larger items or multiple items during a single order, then consider the larger TuffBoxx ParcelBoxx option.
  • Wooden Parcel Box: This is a really great delivery box for those who wish to have the ability to customize their box according to their exterior. The box is made from a sturdy wooden material that will remain in good shape even in rainy weather conditions. It comes in a standard white color upon delivery, and you can then choose to keep it white or to paint it yourself. The box is available in two different sizes. The standard option is called the Wooden Parcel Box and features a relatively large internal compartment. The other option is called the Wooden Porch Box and features a smaller design.
  • Bruin by TuffBoxx: Another one from the TuffBoxx brand, the Bruin is an attractive option that also fits into different types of exterior décor. This box was built with sturdiness, security, and durability in mind. The box is made from high-quality materials to avoid tampering and can easily be jolted down to the ground from the inside in order to add even more security to the packages that you are expecting. At the moment, the TuffBoxx Bruin is available in a green and charcoal color, as well as a beige and charcoal color. The company is also planning to release a standard charcoal colored delivery box in the near future as well.

Where Is BoxLock Available And What Delivery Services Works With BoxLock?

BoxLock is still a somewhat new option on the market for people who have been affected by porch pirates and package theft in the past, as well as for those people who are concerned that they might be affected by these thieves if they do decide to order a package and have it delivered to their home.

At the moment, BoxLock is only available to customers who reside within the United States.

While this may seem like an unfortunate factor for many people outside of the country who are interested in the BoxLock smart lock system, it should be noted that the company behind this particular product is currently looking at expanding in order to provide their products to customers in other countries.

The company is currently looking at the demand from other countries in order to determine which countries may hold the most potential for their products.

It should also be noted that the company is also working hard to implement their systems with more delivery services throughout the United States.

With this in mind, more-and-more of the major delivery services within the country are starting to work with BoxLock in order to use these locks to provide added security for packages that are delivered to customers.

At the moment, BoxLock works with Amazon, as well as FedEx, USPS, and UPS.

The company is currently looking into working with more of the major delivery services in the United States, but since most companies do tend to offer the above-mentioned courier services for the delivery of packages ordered online, you should not have any issue getting delivery drivers to drop your package in the appropriate delivery box.

How Much Does BoxLock Cost?

Due to the sophisticated technology that is included in the BoxLock product, one would think that this is a very expensive product.

Fortunately, BoxLock is actually a very affordable option that can be purchased – the standard lock, known as the BoxLock Home device, will only set you back $129.

While this amount may seem a little high for a product as basic as a lock, it is important to take into account the technology that is built into this device.

This is an exceptionally secure option – take into mind the hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars that you will be able to save compared to having some of your packages being stolen.

In addition to the main package, which only includes the main BoxLock Home product, the company has additional packages and bundles that you can take advantage of, which comes with significant savings, compared to buying the included products separately.

The additional packages that the BoxLock company offers include:

  • BoxLock Home + Yard Sign – This bundle will cost you $149 and comes with a useful sign that you can place in your yard to notify delivery people that you are using a BoxLock product. The cost of this package is $149.
  • BoxLock + Step 2 Deluxe Package Delivery Box Bundle – The bundle comes with the original BoxLock Home product, along with a yard sign and a Step 2 Deluxe Delivery Box. The cost of this package is $239.
  • BoxLock + TuffBox ParcelBoxx – The bundle includes the original BoxLock Home smart lock, as well as a yard sign and a TuffBox ParcellBox. The cost of this package is $398.
  • BoxLock + Porch Box Bundle – Comes with the original BoxLock Home smart lock, along with a BoxLock yard sign and an included Porch Box. The bundle will cost you $395.

How To Buy BoxLock?

Since BoxLock’s availability is still very limited, many people who do become interested in getting their hands on one of these smart locks themselves are not sure where to turn to in order to buy a BoxLock.

Fortunately, BoxLock has made it very easy for customers in the United States to buy the product from them – to get your hands on one of these products, simply visit the product’s official website.

On the official website, you will be able to find out more information about the product in order to determine if BoxLock is the right product for you.

If you wish to continue with your purchase, you would simply click on the “Shop Now” button and then choose the most appropriate option that you would like to opt for.

In addition to being available on the official BoxLock website, it should be noted that the company has also decided to list their unique smart locks on Amazon.

This makes it much, much easier to get your hands on one of these locks – simply search for “BoxLock” on Amazon and then proceed to the appropriate product or package that you are interested in.


When ordering a package online, the package will ultimately be delivered directly to your doorstep.

If you are not around, the package is dropped off on your front porch, giving way to porch pirates to grab the package, leaving you empty-handed when you get home.

This can be an extremely unfortunate experience, but there are ways to increase the security of your delivered packages and to avoid your package being stolen by porch pirates.

BoxLock offers a revolutionary way of securing your packages and keeping them safe from thieves.

The lock is simple and easy to use and can be easily managed on your Android or Apple smartphone.

While currently only available in the United States, the company behind the BoxLock device are looking at expanding and will soon reach more locations throughout the world.

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