Alarm And Sensor

There are many ways to protect packages delivered to your house from porch pirates while you are not available to collect the package at the time of delivery.

One particularly good option that you might want to consider is an alarm and sensor.

There are a few options on the market already, providing you access to a theft alert alarm system that can notify you and even scare away a porch pirate the moment that picks up a package.

The Package Guard is an excellent example of an alarm and sensor system.

This product is placed on your porch and will tell the courier person to place your package in a specified area.

Once placed, you are immediately notified of the delivery.

If the package is picked up without your authorization, you will be notified through the companion application on your smartphone, and an alarm will immediately trip.

The alarm is loud and is sure to scare away the person who is picking up the package without authorization.

Other systems are available on the market too, such as an exterior motion sensor system that can be activated through your mobile device.

You can activate the sensor once you know that your package has been delivered to your front porch – when any motion is detected after you have activated the sensor system, then an alarm will go off.

You can, of course, disable the sensor once you get home and you are ready to collect the package yourself.

When shopping for an alarm and sensor system to protect your packages from porch pirates, a few factors should be taken into mind to ensure you buy a device that is most appropriate to your specific situation.

Start by considering how you wish to protect your packages – would you like to have a sensor that specifically tells you when a package is placed somewhere and when it is picked up, or would you rather prefer a sensor that can detect motion in a specific area on your property?

These products can greatly defer in price as well, so consider how much you can currently spend on an alarm and sensor system.

The good factor here is that many of these systems that are available on the market at the moment are more affordable than some of the alternative options available to assist in protecting your packages against theft.

There are other factors that should be noted as well. For example, some alarm and sensor systems will require access to a Wi-Fi connection at home – if you do not have a Wi-Fi connection, then there will be no use in buying such a device.

Furthermore, consider the power source of the device.

Many of these devices will run on batteries – if they do, take into account how long a set of batteries will last.

You should prefer an option where batteries can last several months, instead of just a week or two.

This way, you won’t be at risk of finding that your sensor has run out of battery life the moment you need to rely on it.

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