Outdoor Camera

Outdoor security systems are used by millions of households in order to ensure an eye can be kept on the premises when no one is home.

Using an outdoor camera does not only allow you to see what is going on while you are at work, out for the night, or on holiday, but can also become a useful security tool in cases where you might be at risk of package theft after a delivery was made to your house while you are not home.

In recent years, significant advancements have been made in the technology offered by outdoor cameras.

Today, you are able to get your hands on an outdoor video camera that can stream live footage to your device without the need to be in close range – you don’t even need to buy special monitors anymore, as a smartphone or a computer is often all that is needed to check the security video and live footage from your camera system.

In cases where your area is known to be at risk of porch pirates stealing your packages, an outside home security camera can alert you when movement is detected and allow you to observe what type of movement was detected instantly.

This gives you an opportunity to act accordingly and, should your packages be stolen from your porch, allows you to present footage of the event to the police.

This can help the police identify the criminal who stole the package and will greatly increase the chances of your case turning out to be successful – where the criminal is caught, and your packages are returned to you, the rightful owner.

Some of the options on the market, such as the Amazon Cloud Cam, for example, comes equipped with more advanced features that will notify you of certain triggers, such as specific types of sounds that the camera detects.

Such a camera also gives you access to features like two-way audio – with this in mind, you’ll be able to notify the porch pirate the moment they lay their hands on your package that you are capturing live footage of them in action and will be handing the footage over to authorities in order to initiate an official case against them.

Many outdoor cameras that are available on the market today can also record any events that occur.

Settings can usually be adjusted to provide a constant recording, or only to record video when motion is detected.

You’ll often be able to retrieve the footage from a specific server, such as a cloud server that is connected to the camera.

When it comes to buying an outdoor camera, a few factors do need to be taken into account to ensure your option can provide you with the surveillance features you need to protect your packages.

Look for products with high-quality cameras, as well as devices that can live stream footage to your smartphone.

Also, consider a camera system that can record video and give you instant access to previously recorded footage.

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