Package Delivery Box

A package delivery box is like an incognito option for adding a layer of security to any package that is delivered to your doorstep. There are many different options that you can choose from, ensuring that any sized packages can be delivered to your door and secured, while also ensuring that the design and style of the box fit with the exterior décor that you have decided on for your house.

A package lock box essentially consists of a box – there are various sizes that you can choose from – that comes with a locking mechanism. When a courier company, such as FedEx or Amazon’s delivery service, comes to your house to deliver a package, they will place the package into the parcel drop box, instead of simply leaving the box on your porch.

Some of these boxes offer special types of locking systems that can be used by the courier service to unlock the box and place your packages inside. This way, unauthorized access will not be allowed, and you will be the only one, apart from the delivery person, to have access to the packages. There are also special locking systems that can be sold separately to add even more protection to your packages.

By buying a secure package delivery box, you are able to make it less obvious that a package has been delivered to your house. Porch pirates are usually on the lookout for packages that sit on the porches of their victims – if there are no packages on your porch, but rather inside a special box, then the risk of becoming a victim to package theft is greatly reduced.

When it comes to buying a package box for the porch, there are a few factors that you should take into account. First, consider the size of the packages that you will receive. If you usually order small items on the internet, then there is no need to buy an exceptionally large delivery box. On the other hand, if the items you buy online are large, then consider buying a box that will fit these products. If the box is too small, then the delivery person will not be able to add your package to the box, but rather place the box on your porch, completely voiding the purpose of your delivery box.

In addition to taking the size into consideration, you should also take into account your own budget. Avoid spending too much on a delivery box if you cannot afford to spend a lot. The boxes on the market vary greatly in terms of pricing – you can pick up a box for less than $50 and, at the same time, there are some options that can cost you well over $200.

Apart from budget and size, take a look at your exterior décor and find a delivery box that will fit in appropriately. These boxes vary in style and design – so you are sure to find one that will best fit on your porch, next to your post box, or any other area that you wish to dedicate to deliveries.  See the best package delivery boxes for 2019!

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