Video Doorbell - Block Porch Pirates

Video Doorbell

Video surveillance systems offer you the ability to always keep an eye on what is going on back at home while you are away, whether you are out for the day at work or decided to take a trip to the beach with the family. There are different types of video surveillance systems that can be utilized, and video doorbells are becoming increasingly popular in the modern day.

Video doorbells are still somewhat new to the video surveillance market, but many people have noted that the added security offered by these systems makes them truly worth the buy.

The features offered by video doorbells tend to vary from one product to the next. A top-rated doorbell camera will usually give you the ability to see what is going on in front of your door and on your porch in high-definition video and will allow you to connect to the doorbell through your mobile device wirelessly. With this in mind, it means you can gain access to the camera even if you are not home. Older options may rather only include video camera access on an included monitor, which is often mounted inside your house.

If you opt for a smart video doorbell, the device will usually have convenient features, such as the ability to notify you on your mobile phone whenever your doorbell has been pressed. This way, you can simply open up the appropriate companion app that is connected to your video doorbell and see what is going on.

In addition to showing you live footage of the events that occur in front of your door, many of the video doorbell systems on the market come with the added ability to record video – sometimes even when the doorbell button is not pressed. This means you have the ability to easily look at the past day’s events – in cases where your packages have been stolen, and you’ll easily be able to identify the porch pirates who stole the packages by simply going back on the recorded video. The footage can then be handed over to authorities in order to help increase the chances of the culprit being caught in the investigation.

When buying a video doorbell system, it is important to consider a few factors that will ultimately ensure you get the best value for your money.

Start by considering the quality of the camera that is installed in the doorbell. This is an important factor as you want to be able to see who is standing in front of your door clearly, and you need to have a crystal clear image to hand over to authorities in cases where you fall victim to porch pirates.

A WiFi video doorbell will usually connect to your home network and give you instant access to a live stream of the camera. Furthermore, also consider additional features like sensors and alerts. This way, you will be alerted whenever someone is detected in front of your door – even when they do not press the button on the doorbell.

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