Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera – Get Porch Pirates Busted

  • Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera provides a number of features that prevent porch pirates from stealing your packages.
  • It comes with night vision, 1080p HD resolution, two-way audio communication and it is also designed to work with all of Alexa powered devices of Amazon.
  • You can stream the video on Echo Show, Echo Spot, Amazon Fire TV or Fire Tablet.
  • You can even stream the video on a computer using the website
  • One of the most important features of this security cam is that it sends you a notification whenever someone unknown visits you.
  • No porch pirate can hide from this camera.
  • It lets you download videos and stream anything up to last 30 days.
  • It lets you see everything clear even at night time through night vision so that you feel safe 24/7 as Amazon Cloud Cam is always watching the package thieves for you.
  • Its computer vision and motion detection technology will always send you alerts that matter to you.
  • Buy it today and never let any porch pirate run away with your package.

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Beef Up Home Security With Amazon Cloud Smart Security Camera

Even in an incredibly crowded smart security camera market, Amazon’s cloud cam has managed to exceed the expectations of the market.

Many homeowners who needed to upgrade their indoor and outdoor home security have found it exceptionally useful and there are good reasons for this.

Housed in a classy plastic cover, the Amazon Cloud Security Camera comes with highly intuitive features.

It is everything you've ever needed to keep tabs on everything happening inside and your house.

In addition, you can use it for outdoor surveillance to keep off those mischievous package thieves that give your neighborhood a bad name.

Features of Amazon Cloud Cam

  • ​​​​24/7 home surveillance with Cloud Cam smartphone app

The camera enables you to check in on your home remotely at any time.

The camera catches every activity in 1080p Full HD videos and motion clips.

You can then stream the videos for the last 24 hours at or via a mobile app.

  • Intelligent motion alerts

Have you always wondered when a customizable security camera would hit the market?

Amazon Cloud Security Camera’s intelligent alert feature allows you to customize the security notifications you think matter.

For instance, you can set it to send motion alerts when a person is detected moving around the house.

This is a very useful feature for homeowners living in localities in which porch pirates are a growing concern.

This Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera alerts you even before the bad guys think of raising a hand to do their mischief.

  • 8 infrared LED's for full-view night vision

Being able to have a view of your home and the surroundings day and night is a joy you will appreciate.

Amazon Cloud Cam combines 8 infrared LED's and top notch computer vision algorithms that automatically activate night vision when darkness starts to set in.

You can turn the night vision LED's on and off.

  • 2-way audio: talk with your household or visitors as if you were inside the house

Most smart security cameras only record audio.

Amazon’s Cloud Security Cam comes with two-way audio capability.

It has a speaker and built-in mic that enables you to say hello to your household, thank the delivery service, bark at your dog to stop barking, and just enjoy the pleasure of checking on your kids when they arrive home from school.

Be sure to enjoy this feature.


  • Affordable and easy to set and use
  • Clear, high-quality, HD activity video
  • Two-way audio capability
  • Flawless night vision
  • Customizable motion detection and alert system
  • Exclusive design and a premium, weather-proof protective indoor/outdoor cover
  • Comes with a 9-foot USB power cable


  • The green light stays on all the time. This, however, is a good thing as package thieves may know that they are being recorded and thus leave
  • Sometimes night vision kicks in even with slight dimming of lights, sometimes too early.
  • You need to subscribe to download video clips

If you want to experience the best at-home smart security, Amazon Cloud Security Cam is the best value for your money.

It’s efficient, reliable, convenient, and flexible. Try it and enjoy living in a more secure home.

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