Barska Large Steel Parcel Box – Lock Up Important Deliveries

  • Barska Large Steel Freestanding Floor Parcel Box prevents stolen package by providing security to parcel boxes, large envelopes, and important documents.
  • The drop box has two separate slots that are secured with reliable locking systems.
  • The larger slot is designed to house bigger items, whose height reaches 6 inches and width 13 inches.
  • The upper slot is a bit smaller but provides enough space to shelter important documents and envelopes with cash.
  • The parcel box has a sturdy structure which prevents the attempt of package thieves to intrude the slots and take your possessions.
  • It is made of heavy-duty steel which is resistant to tough shocks.
  • The Barska drop box is mounted on the floor to prevent burglars from moving it around or stealing.
  • It comes with own hardware that makes the installation easy and safe.
  • Two keys are included.
  • The locks are pick proof and tamper-resistant.

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Barska is One of The Most Trusted Brands in The Protective Case Industry

Are you looking for a secure way to lock up essential items like large packages, envelopes, and other goods? 

Then the Barska Large Steel Freestanding Floor Parcel Box is undoubtedly the ultimate option that you should add to your shopping list. 

Features of Barska Large Parcel Drop

  • Secure Construction

They are committed to offering superior models at affordable prices and this parcel box is no exception.

With a sturdy construction that is made of premium stainless steel, it creates a secure and safe place to store your valuable documents and items.

Its top slot can accommodate documents up to six inches in height and 13 inches in width, thus allowing for the storage of a variety of things.

More importantly, the box can be directly mounted to the floor by using the provided mounting hardware.

This will enhance the security and prevent your items from being stolen. 

  • Key Access

The Barska box is a perfect option for every working environment to store important documents and items.

The large deposit slot on the top allows you to put anything in the locked compartment, which can only be picked up with key access from an authorized user.

This means nobody can steal your items at any time or anywhere you may be. 

  • Lifetime Warranty

Barska promises that this model is one of the best products available on the market these days which comes with a premium and high-quality.

Thus, you will have a lifetime guarantee with your purchase, so that you won’t need to be worried about any problems occurring over the years.

If you aren’t satisfied with it or find any problems with this product, just send a request and you can get back your money at any time. 

Weight: 34 pounds - Dimensions: 10.5 in x 15.4 in x 41.5 in (length x width x height)

Include two keys and mounting hardware

Tamper-resistant drop slot

Provide a secure space for storing large packages, envelopes, and more

Color: grey 

If you are looking for the ultimate storage solution to secure package and other valuable goods, then look no further with this large freestanding steel floor parcel box by Barska.

With a small investment, you could have peace in mind and won’t have to worry about stolen packages any more.

Just click "Check Price" above and enjoy a world-class experience. 

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