Bruin TuffBoxx – The Strong Package Box

  • Tuffboxx offers the best durable products out there to protect your delivery packages from unwanted bandits
  • Providing the highest quality in the market, the Canadian TuffBoxx offers two amazing options for you to protect your packages
  • The Bruin is made of rust resistant galvanized steel
  • It has a polyester powder coat finish
  • Easy access and lockable
  • Certified compatible with BoxLock scan lock
  • It’s heavy at 140 lbs which means it provides strong protection
  • Inside dimensions 32 X 24 X 30
  • Weatherproof and safe from animals

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The Bruin is Tough Enough to Keep Both Thieves and Animals Out

Wondering how to stop those thieves who take our packages and run away with it?

Furthermore, have you ever wonder how much money and time have you wasted trying to overcome porch pirates stealing packages.

TuffBoxx has already thought about all those uncomfortable situations for you, and knows exactly what to do.

The TuffBoxx Bruin is compact, solid made and ready to stand against any bear, raccoon or thief.

It protects and secure your packages with the best technology available.

The secure locking delivery box is made to protect all your packages from porch pirates anywhere.

TuffBoxx Bruin is built from thick, heavy gauge galvanized steel.

Its weatherproof assures customers it will last longer than any other product.

The Bruin can be locked with a snap hook or with the BoxLock padlock.

The price of each product depends on the size you choose.

The one listed here is 32 X 24 X 30 inside and 35 X 27 X 33 outside dimensions front to back.

Fortunately, TuffBoxx has thought about its large number of customers.

Both the Tuffboxx Bruin and the TuffBoxx Parcel Boxx come in different sizes and with the best quality a company can offer.

The Bruin is a rugged outdoor waster and a storage bin.

Also, it is a top loading garbage bin meant for curbside collection.

However, we chose to add this product since it makes a great package delivery box.

With its size, weight and ability to be secured with a lock makes it perfect to keep porch bandits out.

Although the Bruin is heavy enough to deter a package thief from lifting, you still have the option to securely bolt it down.

Currently it is available in 3 colors:  Charcoal Gray, Beige/Charcoal Gray and Mint Green/Charcoal Gray.

Five year warranty limited to manufacturing defects.



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