eGee Touch Outdoor Smart Padlock – Secure Packages While Away

  • This eGee Touch Outdoor Smart Padlock keeps package thieves far away from your property.
  • The padlock has an intelligent authentication system that can generate over 100 millions of proprietary IDs, which ensures an undeniable access security.
  • The device has an advanced trail mechanism of historical data, providing information regarding the identity, and the time, a person tried to tamper with the property.
  • There is no need for physical keys, or digit dial codes to open the padlock.
  • You do not have to memorize difficult combinations, and replace a lost key.
  • The access is made via a Bluetooth paired smartphone equipped with eGee Touch App that stores the proprietary ID for performing a secured authentication.
  • Also, the unlocking is made using a NFC fob.
  • The eGee Touch App has a large storage place, used to save lock information, and provide maximum security against porch pirates.
  • The padlock boasts a rechargeable battery that is able to serve 7000 cycles of locking and unlocking.

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eGee Generation Padlocks Use High Tech Mechanisms to Offer The Best Security

Security is paramount during the holiday season or any season.

However, porch pirates are very common during the holidays.

Having the appropriate locking mechanism can assist in securing your packages.

One of the best solutions to these issues is the eGee Touch Outdoor Smart Padlock.

This is a superior outdoor lock which is weatherproof.

The third generation padlock uses advanced technology.

The technology in use is better than the first two generations.

The third generation padlock signals are well encrypted hence cannot be intercepted.

How Does eGee Touch Outdoor Smart Padlock Work?

The padlock can be operated using a smartphone device with Bluetooth capabilities.

It can work with both Android and IOS smartphones.

In other cases, you can use smart wearable like smartwatches.

Alternatively, you can choose to use NFC (Near Field Communication) devices.

The NFC devices can be either wristbands or cards to grant entry access.

These padlocks do not use keys for them to be opened.

The advanced padlock technology has tracing capabilities.

The padlock stores information of anyone who opens it.

The data can be used to know who unlocked it and the particular time.

It can generate a broad base of encryption keys that can be used to open it.

Features of the eGee Touch

The eGee Touch Outdoor Smart Padlock has a lot of features which make it one of the top smart padlocks in the market.

  • Keyless Entry

The padlock does not require a lock for you to use it. You would only need a Bluetooth device or an NFC device to gain access.

A user would never need to replace their key since it does not use keys.

  • Easy to Use

If you want to unlock the padlock, press on the shackle of the lock.

Using your NFC device, you would then tap on the padlock.

You can also use your Bluetooth device to touch on the padlock hence unlock it.

  • Superior Technology

The padlock is designed from technologies which offer enhanced security encrypted IDs.

The locks come with millions of IDs for device verification.

The access records are stored on a server where it would be easy to retrieve the information.

  • Rechargeable

The battery of this device can last up to 7000 lock and unlock cycles of operation.

It would take a user a great deal of time before the need to recharge the padlock again.

The battery is well secured once locked to prevent the lock from intruders.

  • Strong Material

The shackle is made from hardened steel which would be hard for package thieves to break.

The material is also water resistant meaning it can serve well as an outdoor padlock.

  • Bottom Line

You can try this padlock if you are leaving for the holiday.

It would secure your packages from package thieves while you are away.

The locks offer higher security due to the technology used.

It does not use a key hence no one can pick the lock.

The padlocks battery can last long before recharging.

It keeps the records of access hence you can know who may have unlocked your padlock.

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