iDoorbox Package Guard – Package Protector

  • Are you done with online shopping because every time you order something, it gets stolen by porch pirates or bandits?
  • iDoorbox Package Guard has all the features that give you peace of mind for the rest of your life when shopping online.
  • iDoorbox Package Guard is a parcel delivery system which can be securely attached to any doorknob or fixed attachment.
  • It can be attached or detached in just a matter of 5 seconds.
  • Its smart cable triggers a very loud alarm of 120 decibels whenever someone tries to cut or tamper with it.
  • Only you and your delivery person know the unlock pin code of your iDoorbox so that nobody can steal your parcel.
  • It has a lot of volume for a lot of parcels.
  • It is also very easy to move in and out of the house because of the wheels.
  • It also doesn’t require any kind of installation and can be put into use immediately.
  • The iDoorbox Package Guard is a perfect solution of all your worries of parcel thefts and it will definitely make sure that all of your orders reach your hands safely.

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iDoorbox Package Guard is Designed Specifically to Stop Package Theft

Safety of online purchases has become a necessity nowadays.

Package thieves are always ready to steal your packages from outside your door, but what if you have something that provides you with full safety against the porch bandits and keeps your online purchases safe and secure when you get home.

iDoorbox Package Guard was created for this purpose.

It comes with a number of features that makes it the best tool against the package thieves.

iDoorbox is basically a parcel box, but here are the features that make it a must buy for every family who loves to shop online:

iDoorbox Features

  • Securely Attach to all types of Doorknobs

Its doorknob attacher is internationally patented and can be securely attached to all kinds of doorknobs.

It needs only 5 seconds to attach or detach it.

Its attachment to the doorknob is one of a kind, and hence there is absolutely no way it can be detached by any porch pirate.

  • Smart Cable

A traditional cable can be cut or tampered by a package thief, but the smart cable which is used in iDoorbox triggers a very loud alarm of 120 decibels as soon as someone tries to cut or tamper with it.

  • Effortless Movement with Smooth Wheels

Its smooth wheels make it really easy to move it in and out of the house in no time at all even if the package inside is really heavy.

  • Large Volume

It has a lot of space inside so no matter if multiple packages have to be delivered the same day.

It can hold a lot of parcels in it.

  • Requires No Installation

You can start using it as soon as you buy it because it doesn't require any kind of installation.

iDoorbox Package Guard has all the qualities to make sure that your package is always safe in your absence and no porch pirate can even touch the package.

You just have to enter the combination code of your iDoorbox by editing the delivery address of your parcel so that the courier successfully delivers your parcel inside the iDoorbox.

As soon as it is closed it gets locked immediately by its own.

It requires no further costs like a per month subscription fee or battery and still provides security to your packages for the rest of your life.

It is definitely an affordable deal.

Buy it today and feel the peace of mind when purchasing online forever.

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