Lockable Wooden Porch Box – Perfect Parcel Hide Away

  • Securing your property is not an easy task, especially if you are living in an area with high theft cases.
  • The good news is that there are several thing you can do to deter thieves.
  • In fact, the most popular option is the setting up of a parcel box next to your door.
  • Porch Box Lockable Wooden Parcel Box can secure your valuables or deliveries provided you have enough space close to your doorway.
  • The parcel box is made from solid wood that can withstand diverse weather elements while protecting your deliveries.
  • Also, they are engineered to fit small spaces, giving your home a great look.
  • The box is compatible with the BoxLock which you buy it separately.
  • The wooden boxes are available in a variety of colors.
  • Additionally, you can paint the porch box to the color of your choice.
  • It can hold packages measuring 25″ ×23″ ×9″ or a couple of smaller parcels.
  • Furthermore, the box weighs 28 pounds and hasp hides inside the cover whenever it not in use.
  • With the right wooden box, you can secure your packages at your home.
  • Remember, a stolen package is not easy to trace, so it is prudent to install a porch box as a way to prevent thieves from stealing your parcels.

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Porch Box Wooden Parcel Box is Specifically Designed For You

Have you ever faced a situation where you had your belongings taken from your door step?

If yes, then we have the right product for you; the new Porch-Box Lockable Wooden-Parcel Box.

Porch Box Features

Made up of solid wood, the parcel box weighs 28 pounds.

The box dimensions are 27 x 13.5 x 25.5 in.

The product is designed in such a way to deliver security of your belongings.

Porch Box is specifically designed to fit into the space of a front porch.

It does not require any assembly and can be painted to your favorite color.

The box can hold parcel up to 25 x 23 x 9 inches, and is constructed from the solid wood.

It can also withstand hurricane wind as well as rain, and is rot and insect resistant.

Safety, the idea behind this box is to give customers a secure way of storage.

To this end, it does not only keep your items secure but also keeps them protected from the elements.

As this box can withstand rainwater, you really do not have to worry about your belongings when you are away at work.

The peace of mind that comes with it, makes your life comfortable even when you are away from your home.

You may face a situation when you are away at work or travelling and is expecting to receive a parcel but you really do not wish to disturb your neighbors for your delivery.

This box is the right fit for such situations.

When you have this box at your home, it ensures the safety of your parcel from the thieves.

Porch-Box Lockable Wooden-Parcel Box is compatible with Boxlock smart padlock.

While designing this box, extra care was taken to ensure the safety and longevity of this product.

This product is an ideal example of both security and long life.

If you are looking for a convenient solution to your delivery and parcel problems, this parcel box is the right fit for you.

And as we have already highlighted, it will make your life easier by securing your stuff and preventing your parcel from unwanted damages.

The box can also be easily customizable to meet your color requirements.

It can be painted in any color easily to match up to your color tastes.

Make it an important part of your home security.

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