Master Lock Padlock Outdoor Bluetooth Lock

  • If you want to make your property fully protected against stolen packages, use this Master Lock Padlock Outdoor Personal Use Bluetooth Lock.
  • The padlock has a list of embedded cutting-edge features that provide superior security access, and maximum convenience.
  • It has a hardened metal body, and a durable carbide shackle that is highly resistant to impacts, and water.
  • The padlock has a smart Bluetooth authentication system, denying package thieves of any possibility of intruding the property premises.
  • The unlocking is performed using a smartphone that connects to the padlock via Bluetooth.
  • In case when your smartphone is not at hand, you can open the lock, by entering on the keypad the personal dial code encrypted on digit wheels.
  • The padlock has a shared access feature that allows for your guests to access with no problems.
  • The permanent, or temporary access for them is activated via the Master Lock elocks app, which is, also used to monitor intruder access, and inform you about low battery.

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Features That Make Master Lock Padlock Standout

Do you want to enhance the security of your home or commercial premises?

Master lock padlock outdoor personal use Bluetooth lock is a modern e-lock that can secure your home with no hassle.

With personal use Bluetooth padlock, you can use a smartphone to unlock up to 10 locks.

All you need to do is to install the easy to use software.

In fact, with this app, you do not have to worry about forgetting combinations, losing keys or even key duplication.

Since the master lock is key-less, it provides the convenience and enhances the flexibility by keeping track of all home users.

In general, the lock can deter package thieves, offering you peace of mind.

Key Features That Make the Product the Best Fit For You

Bluetooth lock comes with notable features to ensure that your home is protected no matter the time of the year.

  • Share Access

If you have been browsing online for the best Bluetooth lock that allows you to share access, search no further.

The smart lock gives you an upper hand to share access with friends and family 24/7 with the help of the app.

Also, you can share the right of entry temporarily via the standard code.

  • Monitor Users

The padlock is the right choice, especially if you want to monitor packages left on your porch.

From time to time you can inspect the lock history, and other essential activities, including guest addition, guest removal, open and lock operations.

Such a feature helps you to have full control over your home defense while on the go.

  • Tamper Alerts

When an unauthorized person tries to open the lock, you get an email notification in real-time.

Additionally, the application triggers warning after every unsuccessful keypad entry attempts.

  • All-Weather Design

It has been crafted to suit all-weather conditions thanks to two-piece weather cover.

As a result, it is best for outdoor storage tool chests, private gates, garages, outdoor package boxes and sheds.

If you are living in areas experiencing harsh weather, you can order the above weather resistant padlock for maximum security.

  • Long Lasting

Typically, a master padlock is devised using durable components, such as metal body construction, anti-shim locking mechanism, and boron carbide shackle for potency and protection.

Apart from durable parts, the padlock comes with military-grade encryption and Bluetooth verification, which is impossible to hack.

To protect your home from burglars and thieves, you should consider installing a personal use Bluetooth lock at your home today for exceptional security.

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