Nest Hello Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell – Keep An Eye On Package Thieves

  • With Nest Hello Smart Video Doorbell you know everything that happens outside your home.
  • The device has an in-build camera that detects when someone is approaching the door, and informs you, without waiting for them to ring the doorbell.
  • This advanced motion alert security helps you keep an eye on package thieves, and other unwanted guests.
  • The camera streams 24/7, and provides a 3-hour tape, allowing you to see the recorded history of what happened when you were not home.
  • You can watch the video using your smartphone that connects to the doorbell via your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Also, the smart doorbell is equipped with night vision infrared LEDs that leave no motion of porch pirates unnoticed.
  • The communication is helped by a range of progressive features.
  • The HD talk, and listen function makes the voice of the visitors sound clear, and loud.
  • Moreover, in case you are not home, you can pre-record messages, for the convenience of persons that visit you.

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Nest Hello Give Homeowners a Reason to Smile

It has plenty of features, such as facial recognition, 2-way communication, excellent footage, and sleek design to add comfort to your home.

Many users fancy this type of lock because it is easy to use, eye-catching and has a smart doorbell with a super camera.

To install Nest Hello in your home, you may need to seek the services of an experienced professional to help you with the installation process.

After the fitting is complete, you will be able to stream videos and see who is at the door via your smartphone even if you are far from home.

Also, you can easily recognize people or packages with the aid of smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature, at the same time converse with the guests.

Here are some of the Nest Hello Smart Video Doorbell Striking Features

  • Beautiful Design

The product has been designed having your interests at heart.

To be precise, Nest Hello Smart Lock is appealing, sleek and compact to match your home décor.

Since it is compact, Nest can fit into small spaces like a lean frame around the door.

It is only available in one color, black, with blue color surrounding the push button.

Once it is installed, it complements well with your home decoration to take the looks of your home to a notch higher.

  • Continuous Video Recording

When the doorbell button is hit, the device will chime, and instantly you will see a push notification on your mobile phone.

Just tap it to connect live video feed and start conversing with the caller.

Moreover, you can only view recorded videos from the last three hours, but when you subscribe to Nest Aware Subscription by paying a fee of $ 5 per month, you can access all archived snapshots.

The nest can record video 24/7, making it the ideal tool to thwart package thieves, and porch pirates in both urban and rural setting.

  • Artificial Intelligence

The two-way communication and face recognition are some of the exceptional features that define Nest Hello in the market.

With the smart doorbell fitted on your front door, you can give a response via the Google smart hub home display.

Furthermore, the face recognition algorithm can recognize regular visitors over time and announce visitor by name.

  • Customize Settings

You can adjust the Nest Hello settings according to your preference.

For instance, you can schedule the camera function using the Nest assist feature.

You can also mute the ring notification for up to three hours if you do not want any distractions within your home.

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