Netvue Belle – Delivering Peace of Mind

  • World’s First Artificial Intelligent Doorbell
  • Greets Visitors for You with Voice Interaction
  • Automatically Instruct the Package Delivery Person
  • Facial Recognition
  • 170 Degree Viewing Angle
  • IR Smart Night Vision
  • Live Views and Playbacks
  • Motion Alert
  • Customize Detection Zones
  • Record Conversation
  • Voice to Text Reply
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • 24/7 Streaming

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It is not every day that the future is sold on the internet.

Interestingly, these days it is.

Netvue has created a doorbell that actually works more than an ordinary doorbell.

Netvue Belle is not your typical doorbell.

Your regular (Very advanced) doorbell will ring up when pressed, and that is all.

If you are lucky, actually very lucky, your manufacturers will throw in a camera in there, more like a CCTV camera for you to see whoever is ringing the doorbell.

Now if you are fortunate, you get a voice option to tell people you are not home.

"Hey Michael, I can see you are ringing the doorbell, but unluckily am not at home, I would rather binge watch stranger things than have you convinced me to sleep in jail again."

Who needs luck when purchasing stuff? You should buy and have the full package installed, not manufacturers throwing bones at you like a dog.

Meet Belle.

Netvue Belle is an AI-powered doorbell that is way ahead of its time.

Why you may ask? Let us break it down.

  1. Your packages and delivery person will be well instructed

Belles AI (Artificial intelligence) is programmable to voice coordination.

Therefore, the moment your doorbell is rung by the delivery man, then he says, "Good morning, I am the package man with your new package from Netvue.''

With that voice command being activated, Belle will respond accordingly and tell him whether to wait for you or leave the package on the porch or in the backdoor.

Pretty neat.

That brings us to,

  1. Package protection from theft (porch pirates)

Not only does Belle interacts with your package man, but also has a live stream and record High definition videos of your porch with the possibility of playback (You can forward and rewind as you wish).

Therefore, when the package man leaves the package on your front porch, Belle still gets to record the interaction of the package with the world.

Therefore, if your friend Michael happens to pass by (again, we have now established Michael is not a good friend), and decided to carry the package away to amuse you, then you can have playback of that moment or some other goon who wants your imported Chinese socks.

Michael will be easily picked out from a crowd.


  1. Face recognition For those who have friends and family, whenever someone comes to your house for more than twice belle automatically records down their face and all you need to do is input their details way later.

It is cool. There will be more communication now between them and Belle while you come down from your nap to open the door for them.

If Michael comes, after using your package to pay off your bail, the camera will automatically recognize his face, and you can choose to tell the doorbell always to tell him you are not in.

"But I can see your car in the driveway mate" Michael will shout.

  1. Greetings

A fun thing about A.I. is that the A.I. grows itself over time so does Belle.

Now, this is magic, be keen. Each season has its greetings, and belle recognizes this.

It's good manners for people to be welcomed accordingly.

Netvue Belle will now greet people, according to time and season. Let's say you invite Michael and his girlfriend over for Christmas, the moment he presses the doorbell, then Belles says, "Good Evening Michael, Merry Christmas to you and your companion."

Feels Good right? Even Michael deserves to be happy on holidays.

  1. Belle videos Everything has to gravitate to your phone, right, because phones have become ubiquitous these days until they are becoming a menace.

You can live stream your porch, and other places in the house on the Netvue app while being on holiday in Malibu.

That means in addition to programming the response of Belle; you could talk to the person on your porch while sipping a margarita in six time zones ahead.

That's the future at your fingertips right there.

Additional bonus deals that come with Belle are, but not limited to:

Motion sensor for your doorstep, good camera quality regardless of day and night, works well even on poor internet.

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