Nokelock Bluetooth Smart Padlock – Padlock Game Changer

  • Nokelock Bluetooth Smart Padlock is one of the world’s safest locks to secure your property from intruders.
  • It has a number of qualities which sets it apart from traditional locks.
  • First of all, it is key-less so there is no way it can be opened by any fake key or wire on which many thieves depend on to unlock the traditional locks.
  • It is a smart lock and can be opened by your smartphone using Bluetooth in a very quick and effortless manner.
  • Just install the Noke app on your smartphone which is available for both Android and IOS devices to start using this lock.
  • It is made of hardened steel and boron to handle the toughest environments.
  • You can also send a one time key to any of your family members whenever they want to go inside the house or there is a pattern on the lock from which you can open it without using your smartphone.
  • Nokelock Bluetooth Smart Padlock comes with a long-lasting replaceable battery which lasts about 1 year when used regularly.
  • It is definitely one of the best solution to all the security problems of your home.

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Nokelock is One of The Best Smart Padlock

Are you using key-less locks to protect your online deliveries against package thieves?

The good news is that there is a wide range of smart padlocks, including Nokelock Bluetooth smart padlock which is not only sleek in design but also uses smart technology to secure your valuables 24/7.

The Bluetooth-permitted lock was invented to solve lock problems, such as lost keys, duplication, and misplacement of keys.

When you start using a smart lock, you do not have to use the keys to open and lock your security device.

Instead, you can merely use combinations or your iOS or Android smartphone.

However, you will need to download and install an application on your device to allow you to either unlock or lock your lock.

Nokelock works by pairing with Bluetooth devices automatically once you have downloaded the software.

If  you lose your phone or the battery dies, you can employ the quick-click technology to generate a custom access code in real-time.

Features of The Nokelock Bluetooth Smart Padlock


With the rise of stolen packages all over the world, every homeowner should consider buying a key-less Nokelock for steadfast security.

This lock uses Bluetooth feature to unlock or lock via your mobile device saving you a great deal of time.


You can manage your locks as well as users with the top-rated Noke technology, which allows you to track or control access to your home using your mobile.

The smart locking system will keep your property safe since it is hard to crack thanks to 128-bit AES encryption.

Share Access

If you have visitors and friends, you can share access with them via Bluetooth.

This option allows you to control the people who can access your property from time to time using 1-step unlocking, which involves pressing the shackle until the blue light turns white to unlock/lock the door.

While pushing the shackle, make sure the Bluetooth is on.

Adjust Control Range

You can adjust the control ranges depending on the size of the area you are using it.

For instance, if the space you want to protect is small and you are close to the lock, you can turn on the 1-step unlocking feature.

But if you are not within the premise, you can opt for the 2-step unlocking, which is more secure and dependable.

Jump Start

Lastly, jump start permits you to operate the lock even if the battery dies.

All you have to do is press the replacement battery against the contact ends on the base of the smart lock.

By doing this, you can unlock the padlock instantly.  

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