Package Guard Sensor-Safety for Your Packages

  • Are you desperately looking to protect your next valuable package from the porch pirates?
  • Do you need a guaranteed solution that will work against the package thieves at all scenarios?
  • Then, you must go for Package Guard Package Sensor Protection.
  • Get live update of your deliveries.
  • What else do you need when you get an assured Real-time alert when packages arrive at your doorstep?
  • You know exactly what is happening at your porch.
  • This device includes an anti-theft Cable to secure your Porch and sounds a loud 100 dB Alarm notifying you when the package or the device have been moved.
  • The high-quality smart sensors are incorporated to sense as little as 16 oz and up to 100 lbs package.
  • During multiple packages, you are sent instant notification for each package delivery.
  • Also, you can also create an invite-only group where your friends or family can securely pick up the package if you are away.
  • The wireless setup takes less than 5 minutes and you are set to receive lives updates on your iOS or Android device.
  • It is safe, simple, reliable, cheaper, and of course, petrifying for the porch pirates!

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Package Guard is a Device You Will Appreciate if You Receive Packages Regularly

Package Guard Package Sensor Protection is a disc-shaped pressure sensitive smart device that is meant to ensure the safety of your delivered packages.

All you have to do is set it up and leave it on your porch.

The delivery man will then place your package on the Package Guard. The device will then send you a notification of the delivery.

The device will sound an alarm and send you a notification if any unauthorized person moves your package.

Package Guard Features

  • Can Handle Most Packages

Package Guard is designed to handle packages as light as 16 ounces and as heavy as 100 pounds.

Most packages usually weigh between the above-mentioned range.

It will detect changes in movement in any package between this range and it will alert you in case it is moved by an unauthorized person.

  • Package Guard App

The Package Guard app allows you to receive alerts and to control the device from your phone.

It allows you to set the limited number and identity of people that can access the package without sounding the alarm.

You will also receive an alert via the app on your phone once your package is delivered.

The App is available in both Android and iOS.

  • Innovative Design

The device features a pressure sensor that detects when packages are placed on it.

It also has Wi-Fi connectivity, 4 Batteries and an Anti-Theft cable.

Wi-Fi connectivity ensures that you promptly receive notifications from the device.

The batteries are set to last between 6 to 9 months. The Anti-theft cable ensures that your device remains safe on your porch.

  • Advanced Alert system

The Package Guard is designed to set off a 100-decibel alarm that will alert your neighbors if an unauthorized person moves your package or the device.

At the same time, the device sends a notification to your phone telling you that your package has been moved.

You can choose to silence the alarm such that you will only receive a notification if your package is moved.

  • Weather Resistance

The device will withstand rainy or snowy conditions.

However, you shouldn’t drop it in water as it might affect the inner workings of the device.  


The selling point of this device is the 100-decibel alarm that goes off once your device is moved.

This alarm is bound to alert everyone in the vicinity.

It might also scare off the potential package thief that wants to steal your package.

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