Package Guardian – Your Package Defender

  • Slash proof with 44 feet of steel cable running across the bag
  •  Can hold up to 200 pounds of weight and 14 shoe boxes in length
  •  Weather resistant and durable polyester bag
  •  Solid steel hook and handle making it impossible to cut through
  •  Tough ballistic nylon strap
  •  German ABUS lock that requires a code
  •  Easy to use as one has to just open, put the items in, close and lock the bag
  • Lifetime Guarantee!

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The Package Guardian For Safe Package Delivery

If you have ever had to stick around at home just to receive your package or have your neighbors collect them for you, you know what a big hassle it is.

Well, no more.

Package Guardian with their strong and anti-theft bag has got you covered, as far as the safety of your items is considered.

The package security bag is 28 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 14.5 inches deep.

It has a strap, made of ballistic nylon, which connects to the hook that goes on top of the door.

There is a smaller handle (main strap) on which the German ABUS padlock goes on, which requires a code, set by you, to open.

The bag is made of weather resistant polyester, which covers the 44-foot steel cable frame.

The frame is sturdy and secure against knife slashes.

The main strap is riveted to the steel frame, so it doesn't move.

Moreover, there is felt padding underneath the hook to prevent it from scratching your door.

How does it work?

Buy the bag and hang it on your door using the metal hook and close and lock the door.

The packages you receive will be safe as the theft proof bag is not going anywhere.

There is a lock to open the bag, and only the code you set can open it, ensuring package security.

Therefore, intruders cannot touch your items by opening the pack.

Do I need a special door?

Hang the porch pirate bag securely on any type of door. 

However, it may not work on all doors.

The best way to know if the bag is compatible is to see if you are able to hang a metal wreath on the door.

Chances are that if your door has Interlocking Metal Weather Stripping at the top, then it won't close once you hang the Package Guardian.

How can the delivery person use it?

When you order an item online, be sure to add directions for using the bag.

Add it either in the second line of the address or at the special instructions section. 

Add the code of the lock by doing the same. 

These instructions, read by the delivery driver, are carried out in a matter of minutes.

The ease of use and the package security offered by the bag ensures the courier will use it.

No worries of taking your package back to the warehouse for you to pick up later.

Better yet, it prevents package thieves from easily grabbing your package.

How much does it cost?

The Package security bag is available both on the product's website and Amazon.

The original price of the package securing bag is $99.95 with no shipping charges.

However, there is a sale on the website, and therefore, the current price is at $64.95.

Amazon also sells the bag at a discounted price with no additional shipping charges.

Should I buy Package Guardian? 

Package Guardian is an investment for the future considering the number of thefts of online orders from doorsteps.

It makes yours and a delivery driver's life a little easier.

Here are a few reasons to invest in the package security bag:

Prevent Package Theft

Package Guardian is able to secure delivery items in an efficient way.

With a 44-foot solid steel cable framework and durable weather resistant polyester cover, the bag is slash proof and can withstand harsh climates.

Moreover, with ballistic nylon strap attached to a steel hook secured once the door is locked, the bag is not going anywhere.

However, the game-changer is its German ABUS lock on a handle riveted to the framework, which requires a pre-set code to open it.


You no longer will have to rely on your neighbors to collect your package or have to delay plans to receive them yourself.

With the package security the bag offers, and the ease of use, the delivery person will feel comfortable with leaving items in this package protected bag.


With the bag priced at $64.95, its an investment for the future as you save money and time on package theft and undelivered packages.

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