Package Panther – Thief Proof Bag

  • Package Panther is a safe bag that you leave in a sturdy area of your home for delivery carriers to put packages into.
  • It is both waterproof and splash-proof and contains a fabric with a protective stainless steel mesh.
  • It is secured at your home using a hard braided cable lock of stainless steel, which can be looped through a door-handle, around a railing, among other safe places.
  • To enhance the security of the packages, this bag comprises of a re-settable combination lock and an easy to deploy, hard steel-cable.
  • Additionally, this bag ensures you get a secure package when you get home and unlock it.
  • It is the easiest and quickest bag for use by delivery people.
  • Loading and securing it takes just a few seconds, thereby saving time for you and the delivery persons who need to transport hastily throughout their day.
  • It also helps avoid issues of stolen packages and ensures safety since it deters and prevents package thieves.
  • Get yourself a high-quality and affordable Package Panther; it is a great way to safeguard your packages from theft.

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Package Panther is Incredibly Efficient in Preventing Stolen Packages

It is a large, waterproof, and cut-resistant bag that is designed to provide maximum security to parcels, and valuable boxes.

The bag is equipped with complex security elements that help keep at bay porch pirates, and prevent stolen package from the property promises.

Package Panther allows for safe home deliveries, without the need of receiving the items at office, and carry them afterwards back.

It requires no installation, as it is portable, and can be used for more deliveries in a day. 

The thief-proof bag is sized enough to fit inside several large packages, and small boxes.

It is 12.4 inches wide, and its height measures at 16.9 inches.

The item's weight constitutes 3.82 pounds.

The bag is made of two layers of tough material that is highly resistant against water, which protects the inside assets from getting wet during storm.

A stainless steel mesh finds itself in between the fabric layers, which strengthens more the structure, and leaves no chances to porch thieves.

The mesh is dense enough to block a knife from stabbing the bag, and cut it, with the intention of stealing the package.

Besides tough materials, Package Panther is fitted with a range of smart security systems that turn it into a hard nut to crack. 

To close the bag, you use the sturdy cable, made of stainless steel.

Fit the cable into the special holes, pull its ends, and close it with the cable lock.

In order to secure package, the bag can be easily attached to doors, railings, and furniture on the porch that is impossible to steal, due to its heavy weight. 

Another security element is a word combination lock.

In case you must leave the house, or you work for a delivery service, you can use this device to leave the package for pickup.

The lock can be opened, using a unique combination of words, known only by bag's owner, and the person that is going to pick up the parcel.

This security gadget is installed on the cable lock, so as to prevent the cable from being loosened.

This lock system allows for performing multiple deliveries in a single day. 

The sturdy bag is made of resistant materials, and is equipped with a reliable, locking security system.

The heavy-duty steel cable allows for a fast, and effortless close.

Additional security is provided by the combination lock that codifies the bag with a unique word combination.

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