Package Vault Delivery Storage Box – Locking Out Thieves

  • This is a very smart way of ensuring your mail or parcels don’t get stolen or tampered with by porch pirates.
  • It keeps you updated with your deliveries by instantly sending an alert to your mobile phone or tablet when a new package is delivered.
  • It’s larger than your traditional mailbox and made of very strong and durable material, which makes it extremely difficult for package thieves to break.
  • The Vault has a customizable combination lock to guarantee the safety of your parcels.
  • Package Vault Delivery Storage Box Wifi sensor helps you receive an alert on your mobile device anytime the vault is either opened or closed.
  • This gives you an idea on possible package delivery.
  • It weighs about 25 pounds, is 47 inches long, 24 inches wide and has a height of 24.8 inches.
  • However, to ensure it can’t be easily carried away, it has a sandbag included which you could put rocks, bricks, etc. to ensure it can’t be lifted.
  • With this vault, it’s time to say goodbye to package theft.

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Package Vault is The Wifi Sensor Storage Box

With the rise in theft cases all over the globe, there is a need to protect your packages from porch thieves.

There are several options you can take to avert package theft at the place of work or home — installation of a safe parcel box is one of the popular methods you can use to secure your valuable items.

Usually, package boxes ensure that your deliveries are protected on transit and have been found to be more deterrent than alarms, smart locks, and security cameras.

It also saves you a great deal of time since they have proven to be far much convenient and reliable as compared to picking the package up from a different location.

Such lockable boxes are suitable for homeowners and businesses that have spaces next to their entrance way.

Package Vault Delivery Storage Box Wifi Sensor can be mounted on the outer section of the wall next to doorstep.

After installation, you can collect your deliveries into this steel vault.

Interestingly, it fits perfectly in between wall studs.

It also comes with base locking hold to make sure that the package is secure.

Package Vault Delivery Features 

  • Wi-Fi Warnings

Because the vault door is fitted with a Wi-Fi sensor, which easily connects to your phone, it notifies you when your package has arrived and delivered.

You will get a notification as soon as the package arrives via the vault app.

  • DIY Kit

The package vault box comes with easy to follow manual to guide you through the installation which takes less than 15 minutes.

The vault was created to guarantee you efficiency while ensuring that your deliveries are secure 24/7.

  • Code Lock

Do you want a solution that is easy and simple to use?

Vault combination code lock offers you one of the most straightforward options to make sure your parcels stay safe.

Choose code combinations that you can easily remember, but difficult to crack.

Also works with the BoxLock.

  • Smart Design

Its design is both simple and elegant.

When the box is installed, it blends well with your home, creating a great look.

  • Security

Regarding security, the box is equipped with a patented secure drop technology that prevents any attempts to access packages within the storage space from the drop opening.

To access the deliveries, you can use the key found on the back of the box.

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