ParcelWirx Steel Dropbox – The Online Shopper’s Mailbox

  • This parcel locker makes sure that your online purchases are always safe from package thieves when you are away from home.
  • It comes with a re-settable combination lock which you can tell to your courier in the shipping details or just leave it open for the courier to lock it after delivery.
  • Small packages can be delivered through a secure chute but bigger packages require the bottom door to be opened.
  • It is ideal for both small and big parcels due to its big size.
  • Its sleek design blends with any home.
  • It can be secured to the ground or to the wall using the hardware provided with it so that no porch pirate have any chance to steal your packages.
  • This parcel locker is your best defense against the package thieves.
  • Buy it today and give yourself peace of mind that your online purchases will always be there when you get home.

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RTS Home Accents ParcelWirx Steel Dropbox is One of The Best Mailboxes

Parcels and mail theft is rampant, especially during the holidays.

Package thieves take advantage of the holiday season when people are away on break.

You can protect your parcels by securing your mailbox with a lockable mailbox.

It has enhanced safety elements.

Its features will keep your parcels safe from porch pirates.

When purchasing a mailbox, you should consider the key features that it has.

Choosing the perfect mailbox from the various designs in the market may be an uphill task.

This ParcelWirx Steel Dropbox is one of the best on the market.

ParcelWirx Steel Dropbox Key Features

  • Combination Locking

The mailbox comes with a combination lock which is hard to break into.

You can give your mail person the combination for ease of parcel delivery.

You can reset the combination lock any time you want to do so.

If you are shipping parcels from online stores like Amazon, you can add  your mailbox combination for delivery.

This combination would ensure no one can break into your mailbox even when you are not around.

This feature makes the mailbox ideal if you are an online shopper.

  • 3-Point Locking System

The mailbox uses 3-way locking system.

This maximizes the security of your delivery box.

It has a strengthened metal bar connected to the lock mechanism.

This ensures locking is successful and an intruder cannot break the mailbox.

  • Enhanced Parcel Locking

The mailbox is made from sturdy galvanized steel and the drop box part of it is aluminum.

The mailbox chute is large enough to accept 8.25" tall x 13.25" wide x 19" deep.

You can leave the delivery box open or give the courier the particular combinations.

The design also ensures the packages are protected from environmental conditions.

  • Securing Hardware

Your parcel may be secure in your mailbox, but the mailbox may not be safe from porch pirates which is why the drop box comes with an included hardware set for securing the mailbox to the wall and floor.

This makes it hard for anyone who has the intention of stealing your parcels.

Having the mailbox well fastened on the ground would give you extra peace of mind.

RTS Home Accents 5502-00101A-70-81 Parcelwirx is a secure delivery box especially for online shoppers.

It has enhanced security features which would assure you of maximum security.

It has the safest 3-way locking mechanism which makes it hard to break into the delivery box.

If the mailbox is fixed to the wall, floor or ground, you are sure of finding your parcels in tact once you come back home.

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