Porch Delivery Drop Box – Hide Deliveries From Nosy Neighbors

  • The step 2 Drop Box is next the level security equipment designed to keep your deliveries safe from package thieves who are wondering around in your neighborhood.
  • Talk about a wonderfully designed express package delivery box that will serve you all year round.
  • The box is designed to keep your deliveries dry and in the same state until you get your hands on them.
  • Also, what a perfect way to keep your deliveries from nosy neighbors .
  • The box’s measurements are 25″× 15″× 18”, offering enough internal storage space to keep the large number of deliveries coming your way safe and sound.
  • It also comes with an easy-lift lid that make retrieving your parcel packages a piece of cake.
  • Made of a sturdy and double poly construction, this box will serve you for more years to come.
  • Get the Step 2 Drop Box and be sure your packages will be waiting for you when you get home.

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Step 2 Dropbox is a Must-Have Product For Every Online Shopper

We know you are fed up with your deliveries going missing every now and then.

This parcel delivery box is designed to keep your parcels safe from porch pirates who are always looking to steal your packages left in the open outside.

Who likes to get their online purchases stolen by some package bandits after you've spent your hard earned money...no one!

This delivery box has all the required features to make sure that your parcels remain safe and secure until you get home and retrieve them.

Features that make this parcel delivery box the best tool against the package thieves

  • Keeps Parcels Out of Sight

The prying eyes of package thieves are always looking for the packages left in open outside the house to steal them.

This delivery box keeps all of your parcels hidden from them making sure that only you retrieve them whenever you get home.

  • Weather Resistant

No need to worry about the bad weather, your parcels will always stay safe inside it even in the worst climatic situations.

  • "Deliveries" Marked On All Sides

Your couriers will always know about your delivery location i.e. Step 2 583099 Drop Box as it has "Deliveries" written on all the four sides.

Couriers will deliver your parcels safely inside it.

  • Large Interior Storage

Its large dimensions (25"x15"x18") makes sure that there is more than enough space inside to hold most of your daily parcels.

It can easily hold multiple packages at once.

  • Removable Lid

It comes with a removable lid to make the retrieving of packages easy and keeps them out of the elements too.

Its lid can be removed and closed easily.

  • Sturdy and Durable

It is built solidly to make sure that it lasts for years and keep your packages the way they were delivered by keeping them safe from the outside environment.

  • Traditional Home Design Style

It is designed in a way that it blends seamlessly with any kind of home décor to make your area look more stunning.

If you want to keep your parcels safe from the porch pirates until you get home, buy it today and stay free from all worries regarding the safety of your parcel deliveries for the rest of your life.

It doesn't even need any monthly subscription fee or battery charges, just pay once and enjoy its service free forever.

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