Qualarc Parcel Sentry – Wall Mount Locking Parcel Drop Box

  • Are you seeking an ultra-secure Parcel Drop Box that could hold large delivery packages while not ruining the contemporary appeal of your porch?
  • Do you want to make it impossible for the porch pirates to flee away with your packages?
  • Then, you should bring the Qualarc WF-PB019 Pancel Sentry Drop Box immediately to your doorsteps.
  • A thick heavy-duty galvanized steel DropBox with an elegant and scratch-resistant black coating ensures that your outdoor doesn’t ever lose its charisma while being extremely secure for your packages.
  • Galvanized protection endows it a refined look and manifests durability and quality.
  • It is a 13.5 x 20 x 9.5 inches wall-mounted spacious Mailbox that could easily hold several parcels of up to 10 inches width at a time.
  • The Heavy-duty stainless-steel lock ensures optimum security against package thieves at all cost.
  • Also, you get 2 keys for easy retrieval.
  • A curved closing lid covers the parcel and its raised up along with the steel plate to accommodate the incoming parcel into its locking compartment.
  • The package is safe, away from the sight of the package thieves and easy-to-retrieve with the provided keys.
  • Safe, Simple and Elegant!

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Get The Qualarc Sentry Drop Box Today And Keep Your Packages Safe at Home

Package thieves and porch pirates can ruin your day if you let your guards down.

Shockingly, the cases of package theft have been on the rise with time.

However, there are several things you can do to lower the chances of your packages getting stolen.

One of the proven ways that can avert thieves includes installing Qualarc WF-PB019 Parcel Sentry Drop Box next to your private home.

A Sentry box is easy to mount on the front side of your house.

It is crucial to make sure that you install the parcel lock in a strategic place, where it is easy to access to simplify parcel retrieval, thus saving you time and energy.

If you have been using a Parcel Sentry Drop Box, you will notice it has a soft closing lid that seals the incoming package drop door.

Place the package through the top once you have lifted the lid cover so that parcel drops into a safe compartment every time the lid is closed.

This way, your boxes will be safe from crooks.

The delivery space is made of heavy-duty material that can tolerate weather elements to keep your parcels stay dry and locked.

Naturally, the delivery box blends in flawlessly to any home style.

When mounting to a masonry wall, it is prudent to use masonry fitting screws using masonry anchors which are at least 1.5 long.

Qualarc WF-PB019 Parcel Sentry Drop Box Features

  • Heavy Gauge Galvanized Steel

The Sentry mailbox is built using heavy gauge galvanized steel that is difficult to tamper with to make sure that your parcels are secure.

It features a scratch-free black coat finish to compliment the front of your private home.

  • Large Compartment Space

Both incoming and outgoing parcel compartments are large enough to store parcels of a wide range of sizes.

The deliveries cubicle can accommodate packages measuring 20”×13.5”×9.5” and numerous pieces of mail.

On the other hand, the incoming parcel cubicle is suitable for small packages.

  • Heavy Duty Lock

At the back of the box, there is a locking retrieval opening featuring a two-step locking mechanism.

The door has a butterfly lock and a couple of keys for easy retrieval of packages and boosts security.

With the keys, you can access packages right at your doorstep.

You do not need to worry every time you want to travel.

Just install a Sentry mailbox and enjoy secure deliveries.

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