Secure Package Drop Box/Mailbox with Lock

  • This over the door package drop box by Dropsak is a reliable and detachable dropbox which is a tear-proof, durable, and water-resistant solution to help you keep all your mail and parcels safe from possible theft.
  • It’s easy to use and doesn’t require much installation, simply hang it on your door.
  • It is made of a 1600D ballistic type nylon material which makes it very difficult to be cut or torn.
  • With an extra layer of protection, the straps have steel cables to avoid being cut.
  • It also comes with metal hooks to ensure it can’t be pulled out when the door is shut.
  • It also has an inbuilt combination lock which helps to restrict access.
  • The Dropsak weighs 3.5 pounds.
  • The height is 18 inches, width is 18 inches and is 14 inches deep.
  • It’s also easy to use and your item safety is guaranteed.
  • This saves you the stress of worrying about the safety of your ordered packages.
  • Prevent your amazon packages and others from going missing or stolen.
  • Deter and prevent stolen packages from your home or apartment.

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DropSak Ultra is Great For Deterring Porch Pirates and Porch Bandits!

Need to secure your package?  Hiding packages on your front porch has just become easier.

For home deliveries… safety, convenience and freedom to go on with your daily life with peace of mind is key.

All you need is an anti theft, large capacity and waterproof package delivery box.

With this, you can go on with your day without the fear of stolen packages from your front porch.

DropSak Ultra is a top security parcel delivery box to safeguard your deliveries when no one is home.

You can leave it on your door and go on with your day to day uninterrupted.

They are great as a residential drop box for both apartments and houses for protecting packages.

Save time from collecting mail at the crowded post offices and other pick up spots.

Features of DropSak Ultra

DropSak Ultra secure package delivery box comes with the following features, making it one of the best delivery lock boxes.

  • High-Class Security with strengthened outer layer

A secure mailbox made with a 1600D denier ballistic nylon for the outer layer.

It is further added 1/16 cm panels between the nylon and inner lining as additional security.

Remove any fears of a possible slash or tear on this one.

  • Hard Protective Panels

The front and the back of this secure package box is made of strong nylon fabric with an inner lining.

This offers a strong protective panel against piercing and other damages.

  • Strong Steel Cables

There are two 1/16 steel cables for hanging straps.

The hanging straps are thus not easily cut with a blade or knife.

  • Combination Lock

To boost your parcel delivery box security, it offers you a combination lock.

There is a three digit lock strongly secured on the box with the cable straps.

  • Metal Hooks

The hooks are two flat metals. They are the wedge placed between the frame and the doors.

This means that nothing can be removed or accessed from a closed box.

  • Waterproof

The secure mailbox is fully waterproof.

Leave it outside and go on with your business without any fear.

Let deliveries be made and return home to parcel and packages undamaged by rain or stolen by porch pirates.

  • Working to Secure Your Packages

Let the DropSak Ultra do your collections in your absence.

It is designed to offer you several advantages.

Leave combination code in the address's line.

Your mail person will get your combination on the instruction box and lock it when done.

  • Reduces your Postal trips.

Visiting the post office is at times hectic, especially when crowded.

Avoid missed deliveries.

Allows you to enjoy your day.

Go on with your work or outing knowing that your parcels and packages are secure.

We all need an assurance over what we value.

DropSak Ultra offers you that assurance against damage, theft or breakage.

It's of good capacity and comes with an attractive shape and a graphite color.

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