TuffBoxx Parcel Boxx – Secure Parcel Lock Box

  • You’ve probably heard about people’s deliveries going missing either on the news or from friends or coworkers.
  • This problem has become so prevalent that a former NASA engineer even made a smoke bomb to prank parcel thieves.
  • With internet shopping and free two-day delivery being a daily reality for many people, combined with the fact that many packages are simply left on the doorstep, parcel theft is so easy to do and happens every day.
  • Even if you haven’t jumped on the online ordering bandwagon, there will undoubtedly be many uses for the TuffBoxx Parcel Boxx.
  • Secure Delivery Box made of galvanized steel
  • Works with the BoxLock Smart Padlock
  • Weatherproof
  • Bolt to the ground or mount to a wall

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Why You Need a TuffBoxx Parcel-Boxx

The TuffBoxx Parcel Boxx is essentially a container that can be easily locked and unlocked with any padlock (not included).

The traditional purpose for the TuffBoxx Parcel Boxx is for securing package deliveries, but it is also very useful for a larger variety of functions, such as keeping important documents safe.

TuffBoxx Parcel-Boxxes are Tough

These hunks of metal are tough.

Made from waterproof galvanized steel, this parcel box is perfect for securing important goods because it is virtually unbreakable, so you can rest assured that your valuables are safe.

It can even be fixed to the porch or a wall and function as a package box for porch that no one can remove.

Even many safes, where many people store important documents such as birth certificates, are easily removable by the average person.

It’s Big

This product has the size required for all your storage needs.

At nearly 2 cubic feet, the parcel box can protect your food, toys, and probably even car parts if needed.

Furthermore, it comes in two different sizes, and although the smaller variety is likely already large enough for most purposes, the TuffBoxx Parcel Boxx Large variety is definitely the only one anyone would need for generations to come.

Works Great With BoxLock

Although the parcel box can simply be locked by a traditional lock, normal locks can easily be clipped off by lock cutters.

Also, anyone can pass by and lock it so that the person making the delivery would not be able to secure the package in the parcel box.

Fortunately, TuffBoxx Parcel Boxx work perfectly with BoxLock, which are virtually indestructible padlocks that can be programmed to lock upon the delivery being made successfully and the delivery person initiating the lock through the BoxLock App.

Furthermore, the BoxLock can be used for both the smaller model and the large version of the parcel boxes.

As you can see, the only way to go for convenient yet infallible security is the TuffBoxx Parcel Boxx and BoxLock.

With the TuffBoxx, it’s perfectly fine to keep all your eggs in one Boxx!

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