Winbest Large Freestanding Parcel Box – Lockable Drop Slot

• Securing your parcels is very important since they sometimes contain very sensitive items and when in the wrong hands can do a lot of damage.

• We might not always be available to receive them personally and that’s why getting the Winbest Large Steel Freestanding Parcel Drop will keep you assured that your packages are safe.

• Winnbest parcel drop box is made from steel which makes it very strong and long lasting keeping away buglers.

• It has been designed to allow you to mount it and not necessarily have to put up a monument around it.

• The drop box is usually grey in color.

• On it is a drop slot that has been made to be Tamper-Resistant.

• The small door where the parcels are removed from is lockable by a key.

• The weight of this item is about 41.5 pound and size dimensions of 10.5 by 15.4 by 41.5 inches.

• If you are looking for an effective and secure way of receiving parcels, Winbest Large Steel Parcel Drop is the perfect solution.

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Packages may be stolen from your pouch once the courier company delivers them.

This is usually frustrating and can cause a lot of loses to the homeowner.

It would be safer to secure packages in a lockable mailbox.

A lockable mailbox ensures that there is limited access to your Dropbox.

You would be opening the mailbox so you can retrieve your parcels.

One of the best mailbox in the market is the Winbest Large Steel Freestanding Parcel Dropbox.

Some of the main features of the lockable mailbox include:

1. Size

This lockable mailbox is large enough to accommodate more packages.

It's estimated to be about 15.4 in X 10.5 in x 41.5 in (w x l x h).

This space is adequate to secure more packages.

It would ensure you can be away from home for some time and still find all your letters and parcels safe.

The mailbox does not, however, need a large area to mount it.

If you have a limited pouch area, this mailbox would need a small space.

2. Material

One of the factors to consider when buying a mailbox is the material used to design it.

The Winbest Large Steel Freestanding Parcel Dropbox is made from tamper proof material.

The Tamper-proof material ensures that an intruder can not quickly break the mailbox.

The material is well polished giving the mailbox an outstanding finish.

The material can withstand harsh external conditions.

This means it can withstand hot and wet conditions with limited corrosion issues.

3. Locking Mechanism

The mailbox comes with lockable doors for both compartments.

The door locks are temper proof ensuring your parcels and letters are safe.

Once you buy the mailbox, it comes with two keys for locking the doors.

You can, however, request the manufacturer to make more keys for you.

4. Mounting Hardware

A mailbox should give a buyer an option to install it permanently in their compound.

Once you purchase this mailbox, it comes with mounting hardware.

You can mount the mailbox on the floor.

This makes it more secure since it cannot be moved.

5. Extra Storage

One of the best features of this Winbest Large Steel Freestanding Parcel Dropbox is the extra space.

Once the drop slot is full, the bottom compartment can be used to store your parcels and letters.

You can leave a set of keys with your postman for easier access to the mailbox while making their drops.

If you receive a lot of magazines and newsletters, you can consider its ample space.


When installing your mailbox ensure that it meets all the required postal requirements.

The technicians should also follow the necessary installation guidelines. A secure mailbox would give you peace of mind.

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